High and Low Vibrations

buddhist stories of wisdom how to calm disturbed mind short storiesI know my thoughts and words create my experiences.  They have incredible power.  The more trusting and loving my thoughts are, the higher my frequency of vibration and the more joyful experience I attract from one minute to the next.  

I actually set up a spiritual channel—like opening a path through the waves ahead—that i can enjoy habitually, as long as I am willing to focus my attention consistently on what i know is true in higher reality.  

It’s a real challenge, however, to be aware of currents of information and misinformation that is circulating—in this case about the virus, about impending shortages, about the economy tanking, about businesses that have closed long term or forever, about bodies piling up—all kinds of evolving and impending disasters—and to keep my thoughts truly focused on good, consistently.  

For instance, I became aware yesterday that my daughter hadn’t responded to messages I’d sent about this 'n that, for almost a week.  At that moment, I was in the wake of a bunch of news broadcasts about everything going wrong in the world, and a panicky "what’s wrong!!??" streamed into my thoughts—seemingly from nowhere.  Oops!!  I caught myself questioningly imagining terrible scenarios.  No!  Stop!! (Always a good first step.) Breathe!  That thought has no power over me!  I know the drill well by now.  

To prevent my mind going sideways to follow such a distraction, I need to practice focusing internally in the light.  I also need to observe my thoughts and be ready to take action immediately when they’ve veered off course.  It’s a spiritual version of staying home and practicing physical distancing while taking good care of myself and others on all levels.  It’s just practical common sense and it also, paradoxically, expresses active spiritual awareness.  It’s a good win-win!  

The Feeling of Alignment
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Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023
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