imaginatin 2Reflect for a moment on how life was before you started to self-isolate at home (the last 2-6 weeks for most people)?  Compare what you expected and thought back then with your expectations now.  Can you even remember?  To be serious, take the time to list 4-5 expectations that have vanished for you.  

How have you changed ?  How has the world around you changed?   Would you have believed such change was possible instantaneously? 

And here’s the big question — how do you think you, those around you, and the world are going to STAY CHANGED once we begin to embody and create the “new normal.”  

I invite you to reflect positively and creatively, this Easter Week.  The timing of this pandemic as a transformational force is perfect.  The story  of Jesus ‘s death and Resurrection is, metaphysically, the story of a new era arising .  The Bible calls it a “New Jerusalem”

Jesus called it the “Kingdom of Heaven.”

Charles Fillmore describes the Kingdom of Heaven this way:  

“The "end of the world" is the point in consciousness where the true thoughts are in the majority and the error thoughts have lost their hold. This is the consummation of the regenerative process, and everything that has been stored up in consciousness is brought forth and becomes of visible, practical value to the man. “

Reread that and focus on truly understanding what that passage says and means.  We are THERE Right  Now!!

Then make it happen in your consciousness, as we move through the story of crucifixion, death, and resurrection.  

Today and tomorrow, as you keep your attention focused on how you would describe “the Kingdom of Heaven” happening on this Planet Earth full of embodied beings — what does that look like?  


Describe!! Draw!! Create!! Dance!! Garden!! Imagine!!  

Then  look around you!  Where do you see that very reality starting to happen in the acts of others?  

It is happening in many ways right now, as people step up differently than they have before, in service to the whole planet and the whole community.  

What heavenly changes do you see happening  right now around us on earth? Put on your rose colored glasses! Write them down!  Spend time enjoying the new reality in your times of mindfulness.  Add your envisioning to that of the multitudes who are meditating this new Heaven into existence.  

This change is a tipping point.  Enough minds and hearts  are saying “Enough!!! We need to change how life goes on! “ Add your heart and mind power to creating a new Heaven on Earth.  

I’m also sharing with you here a diagram which has been making its way in a “viral” manner around the virtual medium called “Facebook” (thanks to Katja Sage for sharing it with the UCP Leadership Council).  I think you will find it useful as a loom on which to weave your imagining and your growth.  Remember — the Oneness includes you!!  

img 4588


Claiming Truth
Acting, Not Reacting


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Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023
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