Meditation for Wellness and Health – Using our Divine Powers of Strength, Faith, Power, and Courage

meditation techniquesOn Sunday, March 20, in my talk, I promised that I would publish this meditation affirming our spiritual powers of Faith, Power, Strength, and Will, all of which we can use to strengthen us in body, mind, and spirit during the present pandemic. We can be safe by using common sense in our actions and also holding in our minds images of strength and power.  I invite you to join me every day in saying and thinking the meditation reprinted here:

Let’s now go within together in meditation. 

Let us slow and pay attention to our breathing  The Universe that unites us is all goodness, all love.  It is all knowingness.  It is presence always and everywhere. I AM one with this goodness, this love, this presence.  

As I breathe, I become conscious of the life we all share, of the one beingness we all are.  I know that Divine Substance is whole and perfect in every moment and every place.  I AM this perfect wholeness.  

I Know that in Truth only good exists, and there is nothing to fear. I look at fear, and tell it, “Fear, I give you no power.  I am whole.  I am only love. I am safe.   I know that when I feel afraid, it’s because I’ve allowed the idea of brokenness into my thinking. Instead, I assert and imagine the Truth. I am learning the ways of compassion with the whole earth and all its beings.  In oneness with earth, fire, water, and air, with wild creatures and plants, with micro-organisms and every other conscious entity, I envision the planet and all beings, including the messenger Corona virus, enfolded in Love. I keep my mind focused consistently on the joy and good that is the Universe.  I know that I AM Oneness with all.   And so it is.”    Amen. 

Also, I have learned that because of technical problems, many people missed all or part of the March 20 talk.  You can view and listen to it on the Unity Center of Peace Facebook page, or read it at this link!An-7Q-NoH65VjUOnlbaDQmImbrZT?e=Q3Epe7

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