Honoring those who have inhabited this land before us, the Medicine Wheel has been used by generations of indigenous people as a means of teaching, meditation, prayer, healing and celebration. Participants circle around the wheel, made from select stones, in the sun direction (clockwise). The center of the Medicine Wheel represents "The Great Mystery" or Creator. The Wheel embodies a reverence for the Four Cardinal Directions (see below) which align with the forces of nature.

The symbol of the wheel denotes a relationship with nature that teaches about the cycles of life, connections to our ancestors, and the realization that "we are one."

The Medicine Wheel is a spiritual expression, given individual meaning by each participant. The wisdom of the Wheel can be enhanced by following the directions to enable each pilgrim to receive benefits from the "the vortex of healing energy”.
The teachings of the Medicine Wheel are multi-faceted. The Medicine Wheel located on the UCP Serenity Trail is designed to be respectful of all native traditions: a wheel of peace, unity, and self-reflection. We are caretakers of this spiritual symbol.

Four Cardinal Directions

East Sun rises. Brings warmth and light. A place of beginnings. Its light supports knowledge.
South Warmth. The spirit of the Earth. The power of life. Represents peace and renewal.
West Direction of the power of change. Healing. Dreams and introspection of the unknown. Purity and strength.
North Cold winds. Power of wisdom. Time of reflection. Elder age.