The Spiral Labyrinth copies one of the most ancient geometric symbols– the spiral. This geometrical pattern appears on ancient Egyptian temples as well as Celtic monuments; in nature, the spiral pattern appears in plants, on certain seashells and, most significant of all, it is the design of our galaxy.

Our Spiral Labyrinth has 7 rings, 7 being a sacred number. Upon entering the spiral, you will walk counterclockwise, or moon wise, to be nurtured and enlightened. Walking in this direction will open an energy vortex deepening your spiritual experience. In the center, the four directions will be marked. According to Tibetan mysticism, these directions are Gateways into the higher dimensions. Also, many indigenous cultures conduct prayer ceremonies to the directions; medicine wheels are oriented to the directions.

You can pray or meditate facing each Gateway or just stand in silence and receive the love and energy of Spirit. Forgiveness, Unconditional Love and the Will of the Creator are best practiced as you stand in the center of the spiral. When you are complete, walk out of the Labyrinth in the opposite direction from which you entered, that is clockwise, or sun wise, letting you enter back into the world strengthened and with enlightened purpose.