Paris Burning?

Flames on Notre Dame... No ...
But there they are...
The roof alight — they say it’s wood. Tower crumbles,
Painful sight, 
My heart weeps, thinking about a thousand years
of music, wars, tears, and worship. 
All in flames. 
How is the grand organ —
its moving music silenced now?
The chairs, their woven seats,
The Hangings, candles, golden vessels — 
Will all be ash tomorrow?
Will the walls stay standing?
It shakes the soul to its foundation
Losing what may seem like
it has always been
And so must always be.
Paris, standing tall forever... till now.
I will mourn
And look for joyous resurrection 
Bolstered by hearts 
United all around the world
In loving human legacy and power—
In one Spirit, One appreciation—
Symbolizing Peace to come.
We are in fact one people and one world— One Heart, One Love. One.
Saying “Yes” to Your Adventure
Jesus the Good Shepherd


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Friday, Jun 14, 2024
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