Time: 11:00AM - 12:15PM (ET)
Music: Karen Novy
Atomic Prayer
Speaker: Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen
This summer's blockbuster movie, Oppenheimer, had a powerful effect on many viewers. The incredible potential power locked inside the atom is, like all of life, neutral. It's how we use it that matters. We can harness it to power our homes, or use it for terribly destructive purposes. Just like our thoughts. They can be used for hateful, destructive purposes, or to create what is good, beneficial and life-giving. Affirmative Prayer is a mechanism for consciously using our thoughts to harness the limitless energy in the universe to co-create love-filled, abundant, joyful, and expansive experiences. This Sunday, join Rev. Victoria as we review the steps of Affirmative Prayer and learn to work with, as Charles Fillmore said, "the very essence of Divine mental or spiritual energy that permeates all things." 
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