Prayer and Meditation are the Highest Form of Creative Thinking

malaThis afternoon, one of our spiritual groups in Paris met on Zoom.  It was a wonderful opportunity to learn what is going on half way across the world, as we are beginning to learn how our awareness is changing over this time.  

I found it beautiful and surprising that with each of us in our own space, with individual hearts and minds,some very similar thoughts are coming to all of us, of whatever age or nationality.  

We are enjoying the present moment, in deep gratitude for what is beautiful and peaceful in our awareness.  We are sharing  our faith  that whatever happens will be manageable and will lead into positive possibilities, because that’s how things always work.  We are tuning in with heightened awareness and love to whatever little manifestation of wild nature occurs in our corner of earth.  We are transcending the smallness of 3D reality close around us, while we go within to our infinitely spacious inner consciousness  and envision what we want to see happen going forward.  

We are also, together, experiencing the 4th dimension, where neither time nor space seem real or important. When Nancy and I were leaving our house for a walk today, for instance, we were greeted by a neighbor walking past with her dog and saying, with a goofy smile, “I have no idea what day it is and I don’t care!!”.  We’d never seen her before and had no idea of her identity — Right On!  We’re all detaching from the grasp of time and space.  It’s a shared surreality.  

Interestingly, many members of the group in Paris are  strongly attracted to imagining all of us emerging into the 5th dimension on the other side of what in France they are calling “ The Confinement”.  The 5th dimension is the state of consciousness where we are experiencing nonphysical oneness and love. The group members in Paris are starting to envision how in that awareness it will be easy to persuade others to begin living in ways that nurture the earth’s planetary health and social justice— where many many people agree that we’ve gone far enough with the Industrial Age and need to act, together, to serve a higher vision of reality.  

I can’t think of any more powerfully positive way we can spend this time than in meditating higher awareness into being for when we start moving forward!!!  Yes, let us embrace the powerful creative power we share in our minds and ideas!  Way to go, worldwide!  

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Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023
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