UCP Spirituality in Nature Group

UCP Spirituality in Nature Group

Fri, January 01 2021 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

via ZOOM and UCP Outdoor Sacred Spaces

Categories: Spiritual Events

despachoWE'RE BRINGING IN THE NEW YEAR with a DESPACHO (Peruvian-style blessing) on Friday 1/1 at noon. Join Chris Geith live on Zoom, from wherever you are, she'll be at THE BEACH. You can enjoy the UCP Sacred Spaces, your own yard, or be indoors. Chris will create a group despacho with you on Zoom. You can also choose to build your own along with her (indoors our outside).

To build your own, gather natural, items for (1) the four directions, (2) three concentric rings inside the circle, (3) the center of the circle. Consider leaves, flowers, acorns, shells, small stones, dried beans, rice, birdseed. If you do this indoors, use a big piece of paper so you can burn or bury your despacho. Enjoy gathering your materials - or just tune in and join Chris in creating the group despacho.

We hope you'll join us for this gratitude-filled blessing for the new year. Get the Zoom link (same each week): bit.ly/SpiritInNature

This Spirituality in Nature Group is an EarthCare ministry of Unity Center of Peace.  

If joining us outside at UCP, please bring your phone and headset for Zoom, wear a mask, bring your chair, and maintain social distance (we have plenty of room to spread out).