UCP Facility Rental Fee Schedule

Items for RentSeating CapacityNon-member costDescription

Sanctuary (includes use of kitchen, deck and sacred spaces)

80 $40 per hour up to 5 hours
$250 per day

We have six(6) 6ft. rectangular tables which seats a total of 36 people comfortably (3 on each side); add 2 people to each end for a total of 48 people.

Chapel (includes use of kitchen, deck and sacred spaces

12 $15 per hour up to 5 hours
$125 per day
Upstairs Classrooms (not for rent)      

Kitchen/Deck Only (we do not have a commercial kitchen)

  $10 per hour

Use of kitchen includes use of coffee makers, microwave/ oven/stove to heat or re-heat food; temporary food storage in refrigerator; serving of non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, catered or buffet style food

Non-members use of dishwasher is not allowed

Non-member use of UCP dishes, pots/pans, silverware and tablecloths is not allowed; you must bring your own

Setup and Break-down  

$15 per  hour

Use of Piano  



Use of Sound System and Equipment



Fee includes showing renter and/or qualified sound person how to use the sound system. Also includes use of UCP microphones and stands.

UCP Sound Technician  

Separate fee paid directly to technician

Upon request, a list of available sound techs will be provided that you may contact directly to inquire about availability and negotiate fees.  They will be able to assist with set up of microphones, sound checks and running the sound board during your event. 


Refund Policy:

Cancellations with at least two weeks' notice will receive a refund of all monies paid minus one half of the room deposit.

Cancellations with less than two weeks' notice will receive a refund of all monies paid minus the full room deposit.


  1. UCP offers a 20% discount for UCP members.
  2. UCP offers a 10% discount to non-profit organizations. Must show valid documentation of non-profit status.
  3. Daily rates are the same as above for weddings.

Updated 11/30/2014