Sacred Metamorphoses

signs of spiritual transformationMetamorphosis is a sacred moment!  It describes the incomprehensible transformation between a precursor life form and its successor.   When a caterpillar is prompted to attach itself to a limb and start spinning its chrysalis, it doesn’t know that it will literally dissolve physically and then somehow the molecules in the resulting goo will reshape it into a gorgeous winged being that will touch deeply the hearts of humans whom it will later encounter.  

And of course we are limited here by our species-ness.  We have  no way to know why else butterflies might be created so colorfully beautiful, aside from our obvious appreciation.  And who would ever guess, upon meeting the original caterpillar, what it is meant to become, through its moment of transformation?  

Each of us likewise has levels of potential being.  We transform physically over a lifetime, yes, but it is in spiritual expression that we demonstrate the power to transform our consciousness just as radically as the caterpillar is destined to shift its physical being.

Typically, we humans, when we encounter an apparent catastrophe are prompted to transform radically.  

Arguably, Covid 19 will serve many of us as the moment of liquefaction leading to transcendence. As our previous 21st. Century rush to succeed, to travel, to collect material possessions, and to win dissolves, we are learning to enjoy living in fourth dimension freedom from time and distance, moving toward fifth dimension Oneness, liberated from the confining demands of Ego.  We are experiencing sacred metamorphosis.  

Our chrysalis of Covid 19 lockdown will, in time, release us.  We think we’ll be "going back to normal."

But is that possible?  Having once transformed into Our perfect expression of universal love, will we want to regress from sacred, exquisite butterfly back to anonymous caterpillar?  

I invite you to reflect within and begin to experience your new self, so that, when you emerge from the chrysalis of Lockdown and physical distancing into Life AfterCovid 19, you are consciously aware in your new beingness.  Envision yourself acting  joyfully as Love, and finding perfect resonance in your transformed consciousness!  Know your new power and wholeness.  Begin to work your magic for good.  This is real, and It’s happening now! 

Cosmically Supported
Dancing on the Edge of Mystery


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Friday, Jun 14, 2024
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