Saying “Yes” to Your Adventure


Giving birth to and nurturing your best self, or nurturing a world that works for everyone, is an adventure of a lifetime.  All adventures are thrilling, but sometimes they’re enormously challenging.  That’s because you are asked to stretch, grow and break out of the little box that has kept you small.  How do you venture on when this happens? 

Pay attention to…and follow…these six “guideposts” on your journey.  They will support and empower you every step of the way.

1.     Remind yourself frequently why you said yes to the adventure.  How highly do you value this?  Write it down in bold, colorful letters, or create a vision board, to help yourself focus on the “end result” – the realized dream.

2.     Watch for “bears” on your path.  What triggers anger, fear, or frustration in you?  These intense emotions can reveal old stories you’ve told yourself that you’re not enough, not loved, not capable, or the world is against you, etc. (the bears).  In truth, no one can make you feel anything.  Your emotions come from you. Your adventure is set up to trigger these old stories, which are not true about you, so you can heal them once and for all.  

3.   Stop and smell the roses:  Behind this aphorism is a spiritual Principle that “what we appreciate appreciates.” It also reminds us to be fully in the present…focusing on the good. Zero in on all the blessings along the way and allow yourself to dwell in gratitude. When you do, you are birthing your magnificent self. 

4.    No fair closing your eyes!  Stay present and conscious in the midst of the challenge.  This is your opportunity to dig deep, find your center, look for the blessings, heal old thought patterns and grow from experience. 

5.    You’re never traveling on this adventure alone.  Loving assistance is always here both in the Spiritual realm (as Divine guides, angels, or healing energy) and in your human experience (as trusted friends, mentors, ministers or life coaches.)  Spirit or Energy can help you activate the power within you to see the challenge from a new perspective and walk through it with grace.  Get an Accountability Partner and support each other in doing the inner work that’s needed to have the change you want to see.

6.    It is the Impulse of Life to grow and come into its fullness as each one of us.  The entire universe supports the emergence of our “seed potential” fully blossoming (the expression of our highest vision) then sharing our fruits with the world.


“I am aligned with the Impulse of Life.  And the entire universe supports the realization on my full Divine potential!” 

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