Sharing Mind and Prayer Across the World

circle of prayerOver this weekend, I invite you to join with me in envisioning and enjoying in our imaginations the image of ourselves, of all those we love, and a huge throng of others as well fully accepting their power to live whole, healthy and free.  We are all one, and we express that divine oneness with the name God  gave to Moses from the Burning Bush in the book of Exodus:  “I Am”.

The pronoun “I” doesn’t ever, in spiritual awareness, refer to your lone human identity.  Spiritually “I” refers to the Universe in which all creation is One. 

“I AM whole, healthy and free!”

I invite you to Join me over this weekend repeating this vision and this statement in our powerful Oneness.  As you repeat it — morning, noon, and night — take a few moments to imagine it, to feel it, and to imagine  all your loved ones, infected or not,sharing that experience. 

Just make « whole, healthy, and free »your default awareness in each present moment.

By doing  this, you will be adding your loving divine energy to the powerful prayers being said  worldwide.  We can’t hold two thoughts at the same time.  I invite you to choose the thought that represents what you desire and choose to experience. 

"The thoughts in our mind produce after their kind."  Let’s join in creating good experiences!! 

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Friday, Jun 14, 2024
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