To evolve spiritually, we notice our thoughts, question our beliefs, and explore our stories, cutting through the layers to uncover our True identity, the Radiant Self that is the essence of God. These courses are designed to help you along this journey of awakening.

Dive into one or all these courses for an unforgettable learning experience through engaging conversations, prayer, and meditation with life-long learners like yourself.  

This Spring we are hosting another Spiritual Education and Enrichment (SEE) Week on March 22-26 via Zoom.  Below are the three classes we are offering.  Click or tap each one for more information and to register!

The I of the Storm - 1pm-3pm with Rev. Drs. Jane and Gary Simmons

Metaphysics 1 - 4pm-6pm with Rev. Pat Veenema

Meditation Practices - 7pm-9pm with Rev. Ogun Holder


Enjoy this beautiful TESTIMONIAL from one of our inspired participants!

Marea Kavanagh, Member of Unity Center of Peace 

Whatever your journey may be at this time, Unity Center of Peace is here to support you!  Whether your intentions are to build a career in a diversified ministry, to acquire SEE credits towards a Licensed Unity Teacher or Ministerial degree or seek spiritual growth through unity teachings, our classes will support your goals.