Investment is $85 ($75 for UCP members)

To make this a smooth experience for all, please register by March 18.  A Late Registration Fee of $10 will be instituted beginning on March 18 at 5pm. 


The course is facilitated through Zoom.  The ZOOM LINK will appear in your registration confirmation EMAIL.


 REQUIRED TEXT:  Heart-Centered Metaphysics by Paul Hasselbeck.




For those seeking Spiritual Education and Elightenment (SEE) credit from UWSI the cost is $45 payable separately online to Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute. (, use course number:  HTS 105

Students who desire SEE credit for the course must be in attendance at every live session.




Explore Unity’s fundamental principles and laws, and the ideas behind affirmative prayer. You will be encouraged to awaken your awareness and understanding of spiritual Truth in order to employ it in your everyday life. Topics explored in this class are: Metaphysics, Truth, Consciousness, Evolution, Our Purpose, Divine Will, Divine Plan, Divine Guidance, The Silence, Meditation, Prayer.

“Metaphysics 1” is a non-descriptive title. Rev Pat Veenema's title choice: “Spiritually Thinking   

Teaching Metaphysics 1 over the years, I’ve witnessed growth in the students, with renewed enthusiasm to grow even more. I’m also noticing big ah-ha’s: breakthroughs into new awareness of Self, of thoughts held in mind, of God and language, of affirmative prayer and meditation.  

Students begin to include this spiritual perspective into their everyday lives, getting into the practice of Unity’s principles. They feel the incredulousness of their spiritual power.  

Spiritually Thinking is a wordplay on a common phrase “spiritually speaking,” when people stop talking from ego and start speaking from the heart. I see the students learning how to think spiritually and developing a practice that transforms their lives.  Transformed by the renewal of your mind…Pray without ceasing Seek ye first the realm of God… remembering their God-self in everyday life. 

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Enjoy these beautiful TESTIMONIALS from two of our inspired students.


Dr. Pat Webster, Member of Unity Center of Peace and Future Ministers Team


Oswaldo Mora, Member of Unity Center of Peace and Future Ministers Team




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