3 Minute Miracles

On Sunday after every Sacred Celebration Service, we offer what we call our "3 Minute Miracle." If you have something going on in your life that you would like help seeing from a higher perspective...a more Divine perspective...and infusing that situation with healing Divine Light, then you have the opportunity to sit with a trained Prayer Partner to do just that. You will find that Prayer Partner in our Ministry Office (Room 102). There may be a short line. If so, the wait will not be long...3 minutes!  If you are joining us online you may email  after the service and our Prayer Partner will return your call within the hour. Be sure to leave your phone number in the email. This is a free service. 


Unity Center of Peace has a robust Prayer Team led by long-time UCP member, Lorraine Lewis.  Our trained prayer team is here to serve you. Trained in transformational affirmative prayer, our prayer partners hold your confidential requests in prayer for 30 days reconnecting them to the wisdom, power and love that is within you, that is you, and that surrounds you.

If you would like your prayer request to be held in loving prayer with others, please read on.

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Pastoral Counseling

If you would like pastoral counseling, our minister, Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen is happy to schedule a time to meet with you, counsel and pray with you. Please send her an email at and she will set up a time with you. Alternatively, if you are here for service on Sunday, you might want to reach out to her in person. And, currently her office hours are Thursdays, 3-6pm. Feel free to stop in.

Celebration Services

Rev. Victoria is available to officiate special celebrations such as weddings, baby blessings, memorial services, new house or new business blessings, etc. Please contact her directly for fees and scheduling.  



Spiritual Soundscapes Project

You are invited to participate in UCP's "Spiritual Soundscape" Project. What is a Spiritual Soundscape? It is an audio recording of a moment in time that inspires you spiritually. It could be sounds of nature, sounds of chanting, spoken affirmations, the sound of your footsteps crunching leaves in the labyrinth, clapping and dancing to an upbeat inspirational song, you name it. Everyone will have a different experience. Let's build on the momentum Rev. Chris Nygren presented last Sunday during her talk on "The Sounds of Spirit"  where she shared spiritual experiences from a variety of different traditions and create our own "Unity version" of spiritual soundscapes. Send your recording to  

In the meantime, please enjoy our ongoing collection here, of audio sound recordings that reflect Unity member's spiritual experience.