Meditation is one of the greatest tools we have available to us for immediately connecting with our own Inner Divinity which is the source of all wisdom and insight, pure love and transcendent peace.  Meditation is as old as time and as natural a process as breathing.  The meditations offered here will help gently guide your awareness within and help you focus on specific areas you may want to work with such as healing, inner peace, self-love, forgiveness, oneness with all life, etc.  Enjoy these meditations as you feel yourself come into alignment with the inner Truth of your being.

Healing Meditation

Part of the practice Myrtle Fillmore undertook to heal herself of tuberculosis, was to go into meditation and send massive love and appreciation to every organ and part of her body. She spoke words of "strength and power" to them.  But these were not just words, they were words filled with feeling.  When our words are filled with a feeling-tone of love and joyous gratitude they generate a vibration.  That vibration lifts the body so that healing can happen.  The following meditation (recorded during the service on August 11th) will help guide you through that process so that you too can experience healing. 

Guided Meditation from August 25, 2019 Service, Led by Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen

Guided Meditation from August 18, 2019 Service, Led by Rev. Victoria Loveland-Coen

Guided Meditation for Self Love April 12, 2020