You are invited to participate in UCP's "Spiritual Soundscape" Project. What is a Spiritual Soundscape? It is an audio recording of a moment in time that inspires you spiritually. It could be sounds of nature, sounds of chanting, spoken affirmations, the sound of your footsteps crunching leaves in the labyrinth, clapping and dancing to an upbeat inspirational song, you name it. Everyone will have a different experience. Let's build on the momentum Rev. Chris Nygren presented last Sunday during her talk on "The Sounds of Spirit"  where she shared spiritual experiences from a variety of different traditions and create our own "Unity version" of spiritual soundscapes. Send your recording to  

In the meantime, please enjoy our ongoing collection here, of audio sound recordings that reflect Unity member's spiritual experience. 

Spiritual Soundscape Audio Recordings


2023 World Labyrinth Day


bright matter 2
UCP's Bright Matter Band


wesak 2023

2023 Buddha Day Celebration (Wesak)



Wetlands, South Carolina