Summer Solstice Celebration - Cancelled Due to Rain

Wed, June 21 2023 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Categories: Spiritual Events

Our outdoor Summer Solstice celebration has been cancelled due to rain.

Here are some wonderful ideas on how you can celebrate on your own today.

Ways You Can Celebrate the Solstice and Honor the Life-giving Sun

Intention:  To celebrate the physical and spiritual zenith of the Sun with gratitude and abundance

--Go to a body of water (lakeshore, river, the sea, or tiny pond in your back yard) and offer fresh flowers into the water, to give thanks for the abundance and beauty of the season.

--Meditate on the warmth and radiance of the Sun filling your being.  Feel it spreading out through your extremities and radiating at your core.  Imagine your heart as a chalice and the Sun's warmth as a golden wine pouring into it and filling it, then overflowing through you, for you to keep with you.

--Make a list of the qualities, experiences, and things that bring you vitality and strength.  Put it somewhere you will see it (bathroom mirror, refrigerator, personal altar) with images of the Sun and/or flames.

--Visit a farmer's market and bring home fresh fruits and vegetables ripened locally now.  Prepare a beautiful plate or entire meal, and enjoy with friends or by yourself, celebrating the abundance you enjoy in your life.  Offer a small portion to the spirits of the place and the solar powers.

--Light a candle, a tiki torch, or a bonfire to connect with the fire energies strong at this time of year (many ancient cultures would light purifying fires to vivify their crops and animals).  Watch the flame and name aloud all for whom you would like kindled healing and renewal.

--Rise at dawn and watch the sunrise.  Raise your arms high above your head as the Sun appears over the horizon, and feel its strength and warmth come into your hands, spread into your body, and pass through your feet into the Earth, warming all life.  Ask the Sun for what you most need for strength and vitality. 

--Wear red, orange, or yellow on the day of the Solstice (Monday, June 20), images of Suns or fire, and/or gold or bronze, to attune to the solar energies.

--Do anything you enjoy outdoors, being active, and/or gathering with others!