The Gifts of Crises

pensiveA crisis gives us the opportunity to know ourselves better.  Every time we expérience a crisis, of course, we have changed since the last crisis in our life — so we are getting to know a new self.  

As COVID 19 goes on and on, what are you observing about yourself that you weren’t previously aware of?  

There are many areas in which we can observe ourselves.  I’m seeing, for instance, in the multiplicity of group discussions now happening on Zoom, the extent to which I find it difficult to be a passive observer.  I’m observing that in every group conversation I always end up saying something.  Now I want  to explore what that’s about.  What can I learn from this observation that helps me to be more helpful to others?  What do I want to learn in terms of group skills?  I bet I could learn to be a more effective and patient listener.  But I would also like to learn more about how best to support a group discussion without dominating it.  

What are YOU seeing in yourself that you haven’t been aware of before?  What do you want to learn better as a result?  This is one way each of us can improve our life experience as a gift from the COVID 19 crisis.  

A Historic First
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Monday, May 20, 2024
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