The Power of A Minute

crystal bowlsOne of the primary shifts of awareness that accompanies spiritual growth in Unity is learning where power lies in Truth.  We learn, for example, to trust our ideas and words to create physical manifestation—not what most of us grew up learning, but absolute Truth nevertheless. 

Well-known 20th century Unity teacher Mary Kupferle wrote about "Minute Prayers".  She was teaching us the consistent power of a minute of thought directed to the same idea repeatedly. 

She wrote, "Visualize the light of God enfolding you.  For just one minute, rest there in the light."

No matter who or where you are, you can practice these "Minute Prayers".

When you try one, feel how powerful this practice can be in calming and uplifting you no matter what is happening.  Sooner or later during this coronavirus crisis, most of us are likely to be touched by some painful awareness or experience. 

When we are crying or bleeding within—suffering as a human in a time of frequent tragedies—this is a wonderful remedy to apply in our life.  It is also one we can easily explain to others and share with them. 

Kupferle, in her original writing, encourages us to invoke this minute of conscious connection multiple times a day—every day—in the morning on awaking, at bed time, at meals, and whenever we take a needed break at the end of an hour of sitting and working or thinking.  She suggests aiming to take 10 one-minute prayer breaks every day. 

I remember when my first wife, Ellen, died, the only way I got through the intense agony of loss was turning within and meditating for a minute at a time (about all I could stand) whenever I came into consciousness of my grief.  

It was life-transforming—way beyond calming me in the moment, for which it was very helpful.  By the end of a couple of weeks, my awareness transformed radically and I began to be able to recognize and welcome messages from my higher self—from my indwelling Universal Wisdom. 

This power is available to all.  We just have to focus within regularly, repeatedly, everyday, whenever we think of it.  We can use these "Power Minutes" in any way that will help—to reduce stress, to refocus on Truth, to manifest healing and wholeness, to blast apart anxiety—for any purpose. 

I hope you will find One Minute Prayers a useful suggestion for you personally!  

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