Time: 11:00AM - 12:15PM (ET)
Music: Bright Matter
Speaker: Rev. Ana Quintana

Imagine opening up to Divine ideas in an innovative way, surrounded by kindred spirits intending the best for one another and being led by a charismatic Unity minister, RevAna Quintana, who believes that everything in life is leading us into greater possibilities of good! Through four inspiring Sunday services, after service spiritual dialogue and a workshop on her last Sunday here, RevAna aspires to co-create a space in consciousness that can lead to the spiritual breakthrough our souls are ready to experience.

Expansion and growth are the by-products of a deep awareness of the unconditional love of the Divine toward Its creation. It’s the motherly type of love that supports our being at all times. Expansion and growth are the results of our conscious connection with God as the source of everything in our lives. There is no limit to what Spirit is capable of blessing us with.

Ironically our expansion and growth do not depend as much on our capacity to act but on our capacity to flow, and allow based on our disposition to seek the kingdom first. By the realization of how loved we are, how much guidance there is in our conscious connection and our capacity to be in the flow, we will experience the power that will reassure us that in God there is simply no limitation!

THE EXPANSION CAPSULE - A 4-week series of growth and evolution (click each event for more details)

Sunday May 12th. I am Loved, All is well
Sunday May 19th. I am connected, All is available
Sunday May 26th. I am surrendered, All is peace
Sunday June 2nd. I am empowered, All is possible

Deeper Dive Discussions*

*RevAna will be leading a Spiritual Dialogue after service. Bring your coffee and snacks and join us.

In Daring Vision - A Sunday Workshop of Expansion
Sunday June 2nd - 1:00 pm - 4:00pm

Gift yourself with an afternoon of fellowship, good food and inspiration. In this workshop, RevAna Quintana will support you in integrating the principles of expansion into your life experience so you may organically give rise to an exciting and daring vision for your life going forward.

$35 includes Puerto Rican Lunch - cooked by RevAna

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION - Register by May 29th and save $5


RevAna Quintana is the former associate minister at Unity of the Triangle in Raleigh as well as Unity on the Bay in Miami . Since 2021 she serves on the Unity Worldwide Ministries board of trustees. She recently founded with Oswaldo Mora a Bilingual Unity online ministry, Unity Community of Light. Go to www.unitycoml.org for more details.