eastern bluebird 58f8c8ba3df78ca15978a2beBluebird — Waiting

This morning early, there he was again—
The bluebird sitting at the tiny hole
That serves as entry to their nesting box,
Feeding his mate as she waits and waits—
Isolating from the world to incubate new life.

For new life, we must always wait—
A big investment of life force and patience
That promises no certain outcome— only the opportunity for faith and vision.

I contemplate the bluebirds as their waiting life continues—
As I and everyone I know waits now,
Day by day, week by week —
Not knowing who will be here in a month
Watching As the virus runs its course
And we incubate our growing sense of Oneness and creative Power.

Rev. Dr. Rosemary C. Hyde
April 1, 2020

In a spiritual group meeting on Zoom from Paris today, I got a taste of how everywhere, in every language, we humans right now, like the bluebirds, are waiting, isolated with our thoughts and feelings.  I understood how blessed I am to be on a spiritual path in community.

Some younger group participants in Paris each seemed isolated in a small bare room, sitting on a straight chair, with daylight but no other view apparent outside the room’s one visible window. This is almost certainly an artifact of how computer and camera focus in on the person more than the environment. It created a rather surreal, bare simplicity.

Participants commented on the newness of being alone, finding exercise by running up and down the six flights of oval stairs that grace most Paris apartment buildings, and taking advantage, as in a spiritual retreat, of the unexpected opportunity to write, make music, reflect, read, learn, and code.

As a group of spiritually aware people, we were able to share the ways we have been finding hope and gladness in this experience of waiting alone, incubating newly evolving awareness, and birthing a new way of being human.

One Asian girl, beautifully calm, spoke about the belief shared by many that when they die, they will come back again to fulfill their Karma and continue to make the world a better place. Another group member is sheltering in place in California, with her adult daughter who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl , “our hope for the future. “

Others of us envisioned joyfully the new shared Oneness that is being born amid the Covid 19 health crisis.Synchronistically, the guy who spoke last was a 30-ish newcomer to spirituality who had not previously been in this community. His testimony spoke of fear, anxiety, and pessimism— how terrible the future looks for humanity, with millions of upcoming deaths and no idea what could possibly be the outcome or ending, other than suffering and bleakness. This is a perfectly logical point of view based on current reality in the physical realm, the 3D perspective— unbelievably scary. The speaker was sadly resigned, because, after all, in his 3D view, we’re powerless to change anything.

The overall shape of the shared perceptions made clear the variety and power of individual thoughts that can arise in the same life circumstances. The group experience helped me feel grateful to be able, amid this admittedly grim scenario, to pivot my attention to the ways in which waiting to birth new understanding can become an amazing blessing in the 5th dimension of spirituality, despite the 3D physical appearances of chaos and destruction. The Zoom experience deepened my sense from this morning of how our bluebird neighbors mirror and demonstrate Universal Order.

And I became aware after the Zoom meeting with friends that I am s-o-o happy to be sharing this awareness with other spiritually aware friends. Thank you for being here as the expressions of love and wholeness that you are.

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