Full Moon Fire Ceremony with Gaines Steer

Fri, June 02 2023 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
The Full Moon is an alignment between the earth, sun, and moon, signaling a new lunar cycle. Humans are affected cosmically, physically and spiritually by aligning with this event.
Fire is the earth element that may play a role in this alignment by serving as witness to an opening process that recognizes how persons may interact (both giving and receiving) in rituals that honor this heaven-and-earth connection.
The Full Moon Fire Circle will feature experiences of sacred fire as witness to personal insights, aspirations and gratitudes.
"This full moon idea alludes to unity consciousness, a belief that we are truly one.  A deep understanding of unity consciousness allows us to look at each other with eyes of love...a very personal experience."
This ceremony will align and interact with the UCP Labyrinth and the UCP Medicine Wheel in view of the Full Moon witnessed by a ceremonial fire.
Suggested $10 love donation for UCP.
Meet on the back deck of UCP with a chair, water bottle, and anything you need to be comfortable outdoors.