Prayer Tree Ceremony

Sun, June 11 2023 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm
Categories: Spiritual Events

Prayer trees hold deep significance in the spiritual practices of indigenous communities around the world and serve as tangible expressions of reverence to mother nature and connection to the Divine. As symbols of unity that honor the sacredness of nature, they remind us that everything on the planet, everything in the web of life, is inextricably linked and interconnected. Please join us on Sunday, June 11th, immediately after the service for a prayer tree ceremony with Shamanic Practitioner Katy O'Leary Bagai, as she guides us through this ancient practice of communing with nature by sending prayers for healing and peace to ourselves, our families, our communities, and to the entire web of life across the our planet. We'll meet on the back deck and then head to the Outdoor Sacred Spaces together for the ceremony.