LED TV Sanctuary Fundraiser

On Sat, April 13 2024
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The modern Unity spiritual center brings empowering messages of inspiration and faith through the latest in display technology in order to enhance the congregation experience. Unity Center of Peace is ready to undergo it's next technology upgrade with a wall mounted LED tv screen at the front of our sanctuary! This enhancement to our Sunday Celebration service will allow us to incorporate engaging announcement slides, congregant song lyrics, videos, and even zoom in guest speakers!

We invite you to join us in manifesting this long awaited dream! At our last annual meeting, beloved UCP member Barnsley Brown shared a fantastic idea of how members of our community could EASILY raise the money for this purchase by selling unwanted "stuff" from your home on Facebook Marketplace. She also shared how she effortlessly sold over $4,000 worth of stuff on Facebook Marketplace in the space of one year, just by making a few listings every week (and most of what she sold were small items for less than $20….It adds up!).

Listing on Facebook Marketplace is very easy to do and only takes a few minutes to list an item. You can sell clothing, shoes, computers, cell phones, jewelry, tools, artwork, vintage stuff, kitchen equipment, household decor, furniture, toys, books, and just about anything! So, if this ideas excites you and you would like to support our efforts, then check out this short step-by-step video on how to post on FB Marketplace - WATCH VIDEO

And, if you would like to bypass this idea and donate any amount to this fundraiser click the link below.

DONATE directly to UCP's LED TV Screen - Sanctuary Fundraiser