Raising Spiritually Minded Children, Part 2 with Nathan Jorgenson

Sun, June 09 2024 12:45 pm - 2:15 pm

Raising Spiritually Minded Children: Part 2!

If you see the beauty and wonder that children are, perhaps you worry about a society that constantly dims their light rather than helping it grow. There’s no shortage of research and advice out there, but perhaps these feel more like a burden than a blessing, especially when we feel like we bear it alone.

Come join us in our second meeting as we learn and talk about identity. How do children form a sense of self? How does this change as children grow? How does this impact the way they interact with the world around them?

This meeting will be a mix between an educational seminar, self-reflection, and guided discussion, using insights from developmental psychology to better understand the children in our lives, find our own strengths and desires, and feel empowered as we interact with the children in our lives. Bring your questions and experiences as we look to bring out the best in each other and build community around this important topic.

Open to all who wish to attend! (Not just parents.) Child Care will be provided.

Facilitated by Nathan Jorgensen, PhD (Developmental Psychology)

Suggested donation $25
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