Deeper Dive Discussion Group

Sun, December 10 2023 12:30 pm - 1:00 pm

Starting at 12:30 after the Sunday Celebration Service, we are offering an after service meetup in Room 103 (aka the Chapel) - located at the end of the hall, right) for about 30 minutes. The focus of the meetup is to provide a space and time to discuss ideas and thoughts sparked by the Sunday talk.  This is not a critique. Rather, it's a special time to share personal take-a-ways, insights, learnings and visions together. An after service dialogue is an example of experiential education applied in a spirit-led setting. Some folks need and appreciate a casual time to share the "personal essence" of the UCP Service experience. So, grab your coffee and snack and bring it to the gathering. We will have a sign up sheet where you can place your name and email to receive our monthly eNews and weekly announcements, if you like. We look forward to seeing you!




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