Your Reimagined Self

We can choose to view this time as a "sacred time-out" -- an opportunity to re-evaluate our usual way of being and perhaps evolve to our next level of expression.  And if we want to be ready to emerge from this pandemic as our best “Butterfly Self” we want to prepare now.  We must use this "cocooning time" to invest in personal and spiritual growth.  Here is your guide for doing that: 

1.    Go into your cocoon…your inner chamber…in meditation or quiet reflection.

2.    Once there, ask your inner wisdom:   “At the end of this quarantine, when I’m able to resume my life…

·      What do I want to have learned? 

·      What do I want to have accomplished? 

·      In what ways do I want to have grown?

·      What do I want to have shifted in me? 

·      How do I want to have evolved?

3.    Then when you get that answer, write it down and…

4.     Begin to backtrack from June (that’s the most likely scenario) and begin to work on that now.  Get out your calendar and write down something every day that you are going to do to move that forward.  Invest at least an hour a day on that thing.

At the end of the month, you’ll have invested 30 hours devoted to this process of evolving into your beautiful butterfly self. 

Taken for Granted
The Power of A Minute


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Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023
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