This Sunday we will continue to craft our project where we are depicting our Life as a River with obstacles (logs) and stuck thinking (boulders), growth within those (water plants and grass) as well as the rest we may need (beaches). And we will talk about how any one of the Powers can support our growth, become unstuck, and/or find ways to get past the obstacle.

For those returning, we'll reflect on our week, paying attention to how these natural elements arose in our lives, and how God showed up in those moments. For the new to the project kiddos, we'll start the project and inquire about what to look for in the coming week. If you have a toddler or infant, we'll just put on or play some music and have fun; we had a great hour last week.


Our Youth and Family ministry embraces children of all ages. Our YFM rooms are in the upstairs part of the building and Sunday School resides from 11am-12:10pm. Please be sure to sign your child in using the clipboard on the door. Near the end of service, the children will be brought downstairs by the Youth Ed teacher to give a brief announcement about what they did and what they learned and to receive a special UCP blessing by the minister and congretation. We currently do not have a program for teens (Y.O.U). Teens are encouraged to sit in the Sunday Service with their parents at this time. 

Please Join Us in Welcoming our New Youth Ed Director!
We are very excited to introduce you to our new permanent Youth Ed Director, Shannon Preto!  Shannon is an Occupational Therapist working with special education children here in Carrboro, and for many years in San Francisco. He also has a background as an Event Director and Choreographer. He is kind, patient and dedicated to helping children reach their potential. Please take a few minutes after the service and give Shannon a warm UCP welcome!
MORE about Shannon Preto 
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Contact Person: Victoria Loveland-Coen
Role: Senior Minister