Surrounding the Unity Center of Peace campus, these sacred spaces allow you to be outdoors while you connect and center yourself. They are open to the public to use, enjoy, and strengthen their own spiritual paths. Posted instructions allow people to go and discover at their own pace.

Open from dawn until dusk.

The Serenity Trail

The Serenity Trail is a meditation path through the woods adjoining Unity Center of Peace. Connecting the Spiral Labyrinth and the Medicine Wheel, its purpose is to guide people into greater connection with their inner selves, the natural world, and the universal spirit that exists everywhere. Stations are positioned along the trail where you can stop, read instructions for a meditative activity, and then do the activity and notice how this increases your sense of serenity, peacefulness, and other positive feelings.  As you walk along the Trail you will also see statues of some of our Master Teachers.

Medicine Wheel

Honoring those who have inhabited this land before us, the Medicine Wheel has been used by generations of indigenous people as a means of teaching, meditation, prayer, healing and celebration. Participants circle around the wheel, made from select stones, in the sun direction (clockwise). The center of the Medicine Wheel represents "The Great Mystery" or Creator. The Wheel embodies a reverence for the Four Cardinal Directions (see below) which align with the forces of nature.

The symbol of the wheel denotes a relationship with nature that teaches about the cycles of life, connections to our ancestors, and the realization that "we are one."

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Spiral Labyrinth

The Spiral Labyrinth copies one of the most ancient geometric symbols– the spiral. This geometrical pattern appears on ancient Egyptian temples as well as Celtic monuments; in nature, the spiral pattern appears in plants, on certain seashells and, most significant of all, it is the design of our galaxy.

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