Your Voice and Voyage: A one-day women's retreat for self-renewal, well-being and connection

Sat, September 30 2023 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Categories: Spiritual Events

Bring a playful sense of curiosity and access your voice in a whole new way. This workshop includes intentional self-reflection, journaling, movement, sound, and more.

This full day event is like a spa day for the soul, specifically for women. This is a full day of caring for yourself, reconnecting with your dreams and desires, and using various techniques to support your wholeness, your well-being. This is a unique experience, during which you will be guided through various processes, some using your inner voice and some your physical voice. You will create relaxation and calm in your body. You will connect with your deep knowing. You will be in community with like-minded women. If you are someone who wants some recharge time, to fill your own cup, or to hit the reset button, then this day is absolutely for you. 

Facilitated by Karen Novy and Lyn Koonce

Cost: $159 per person
$169 per person - lunch included

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